DBR001: COMPLEX BRAIN EP by Aleksander Great

[Release date: 27/03/2018]



Release Story

First of a series of experimental, raw and melodic techno sounds, "Complex Brain EP" represents the genesis of dB130 Records. A complex but yet at the same time simple sequence of futuristic analog sounds that is the result of a one-shoot extended recording jam session with modular synths, where no preparation, editing or post production took place. The lack of repetition, typical of electronic music makes it mysterious and interesting, involving the listener in a process of wondering how the track will evolve. An experimental and futuristic sound which depicts the values and ideology behind the new born label. Pure expression of human feelings caught in the moment, that resembles the way our brains process information. Although being a very unusual style for the artist, Complex Brain EP is a complete jump in the dark end for Aleksander that is slowly approaching a more artistic way to project his feelings and creativity though music on a substantially deeper level.

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